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In spring I signed up for the “Climate KIC Journey” without really knowing what to expect.

For 4 weeks in July I traveled with 40 others from the Cypus university of technology to the Riga technical university to Hamburg University. It is organized by the European Institute of Technology (EIT).

But it was far from being lectures on climate change. Actually, we did not have one. Instead of looking at the problem, we were encouraged to find solutions. Through amazing facilitation, rooms were opened for us to discuss issues we are concerned about, map systems and understanding trigger points for changing the system.

If I learned one thing on this journey then that is how and where to start to find solutions. Mapping current systems, envisioning “ideal” systems and most of all: talking to people about it, exchange etc.

Whereas the fist weeks were very much about envisioning a sustainable future, we later learned some “business” skills.

This was the first time I was looking at a business canvas. But I saw how tricky it is to implement sustainable business ideas from this perspective, as it always talks from the perspective: what is the gain for the client? Facing our current challenges, these gains could well be: avoiding human extinction, creating a livable future for your children etc. But sell these points to someone… I guess that is why nothing is happening within our current system?

The climate KIC journey is free for any European citizen and you can apply if you have a bachelors degree. I can recommend this experience if you have 4 weeks to spare :).