You know of a great project that you want to be heard off?

You have an idea? You have tried something out that you would like to share?

Please approach us with anything. We love to get inspired and give the inspiration to others. Whether you would like to share and write/talk/vlog about it or whether you would like to share just the idea and we will see that someone will communicate this vision.

I would love to make this a project of all of us where everyone can create and try out:

Articles, Photos, Videos, Podcasts, Art, …

You think this sounds great, but you are afraid you cannot contribute to any of that because you do not have any skills in journalistic-ish activities? This is all just for fun and a peer to peer storytelling and no one is expecting anything. This project is also about trying things out, finding what we enjoy doing etc. So, our personal opinion is: a story told by an amateur is better than an untold story.

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